Test Painting: Watercolor Road

1) Describe your project.

My project is basically a watercolor painting of what was supposed to be a road with a tree on one side and a river on the next. There are different values in different parts of the painting because I had to finish it up faster than I wanted to.

2) What did you learn while completing this project?

I learned that doing Watercolor is hard in itself, and requires precision and much experience to make something "okay".

3) What was the hardest part about completing this project?

The hardest part of completing this project was making values across the paper without making it pucker up all over the place, which happened anyway.

4) What was the most fun/exciting part?

The only exciting parts were experimenting with Watercolor for, notably, the first time, and creating values that were meaningful to me (I tried to be patient in doing these specifically).

5) If you were to do this project over again, what would you do differently?

I would be more decisive, quick, and even more experimental.

Fun fact of the day: Lillies are lethal to cats. Interesting.