The internet and you

Slide 1: The first slide is dominoes which represents when ever I do something online it could effect me in the long run if its good or bad. The dominoes are the changes that could happen at anytime to my life. In conclusion this shows how my online choices effect me by showing the domino effect( changes in my life).

Slide 2: This image shows a an looking up at the sky one side bad one side good(his options). If he chooses the red side he could impact the lives of other negatively by harassing or bullying them. If he chooses the green/ blue side he could impact their lives positively and make their day better. This shows how decisions I make effect others by showing that I have options and if i choose to take advantage of them I could impact someones life with a bad or good intention. 

slide 3: This is a slide of a thinking statue. This is my most important rule, think about what you are going to do and post online before you do it. If you are mad you make the wrong decision and ruin somebody's life or your own life and all because you are mad. Think before you do something to save both you and somebody else's  life. 

Slide 4: This slide is  picture of communication which is very important when it comes to posting. When you want to post something or you get mad tell somebody and talk about it. If you talk about it, it could save you just like my first rule. So always remember you talk and think about what your next move is going to be online.