The Silent, Peaceful, and Vivid Tree

(Sorry 'bout the picture. :( )
For my project, I didn't know what to draw until about week before the project was due. I'd tried constantly to draw but it really didn't work out well. So, on the Tuesday that was down the week from the due date, I sat in class in and I wondered, "how can I draw a tree?". It was then that I realized something very  important that I'd forgotten.

"What is art, if you don't like it?"

It was then that I picked up a pencil and started drawing my first draft. My medium here was a simple .3 lead pencil and some color pencils. I'm not going to go into all my drafts but let's say I had about five attempts, and three drafts. I did go through a period of experimentation, where I used a draft meant to be experimented on before I carried on to my final draft, which definitely helped.

I loved this drawing because it wasn't something that I forced myself to do. It was brought to life with pure imagination, attitude, love (of course) and intent to create. Really, art is something that is never perfect, but only if you believe it is. It is something that requires love, thought, consideration, pride, will, and life. It needs to be something that you love, and not others, otherwise, it's not art. Cuz' after all, "What is art, if you don't like it?"