The Wolf Pack

Abdulomar Tucker


To begin, I created a linoleum cut wolf because that's my favorite animal and I wanted to make an animal.  After deciding that I focused on my vision for the work. I wanted to make a wolf with a moon in the back. I think my work would communicate deep thinking and even appreciation for a wolf in it’s glory. With this, I will be able to really capture this wolf. This project relates to my other projects in which the ideas come rather spontaneously. The original strokes I put into my artwork is the same as well. After reviewing some contemporary art, I noticed that my artwork is very similar to Wolfgang Tillmans. Wolfgang and I tend to see beauty in the little things and things people would really overlook. Things that would be taken for granted and where others don’t see the light in something. His artwork is also spontaneous as it captures either current emotions or moments in life. When creating this project, I had looked at some wildlife pictures of Wolves. I just decided to add a moon behind it to make it more special. This project doesn’t reflect my own life;however, the wolf in a multiple ways reflect some things i instill in myself and what I see in the world. Like when chasing a goal , I imagine being as serious and making every move towards that goal as purposeful as a wolf hunting to feed the pack. I also like what the wolf represents such as integrity and bravery. I feel as though my work can influence people to take some valuable lessons from this and change a life.  The most important technique is the specific knifes I would use to create certain cuts that would come out in the print. This technique is also new to me. I had fun experimenting  with it.

All in all,  Creating the wolf was a spontaneous idea which is similar to the style or creation process of Wolfgang Tillmans artwork.  The wolf itself does have individual importance to me and I hope people can take something away from this