Think About What You Post

Throughout the quarter, we have been exploring the decisions that we make when it comes to what we post online as well as analyzing the decisions of others.

For this assignment, please find a story about an individual's use of social media (it can be a positive or negative use) and explain the story and the effects that this choice had on the individual's life or the life of others. Also, please explain how Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control played into the story and give the individual advice for their online life.

You will then write a blog post containing the information above and a link to at least one article about the story.

Kasai Jean-Paul/Lamartiniere

Think before you  post

Mother of cyber bullying victim pens heartbreaking open letter in response to his suicide

In this story a during April 27, 2016  an innocent seventeen year old boy named

Felix Alexander commits suicide out of grief and sorrow after being maliciously mocked

over social media by people who didn’t even know him. This abuse caused Felix to suffer

extreme depression and things didn’t get any better while he was at school either. While at

school he was constantly harassed and abused by other students, even his own fellow

and was even declared to be the most hated kid in the whole school despite his teachers saying he was smart kind and caring. Felix on the other hand thought of himself as a looser and wimp with no guts or self esteem. He  eventually moved to another school only to end up with people who saw his social media to harass and bully him as well. After this his depression started to grow more and more into a mental breakdown until he eventually snapped and decided to take away his own life leaving not only him to die in sadness and grief but also to leave his mother in sadness and grief especially after attending his funeral. In this story you can tell that Felix’s immediacy made him easily vulnerable to cyberbullying. By sharing information with everyone over the internet people were easily able to find flaws and weaknesses within him and were thus able to keep on using the weaknesses against him until he cracked. This caused him to be exposed and bullied by students, classmates and even people who barely even knew him enough to judge him. As for what Felix was being mocked about about, it was a video game. On It it was said that Felix posted on his Social Media that his mom wouldn’t let him play a violent video game called “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. This however caused everyone on his social media to maliciously mock him by calling him names such as a loser and a wimp despite him not having any control over what he was allowed to play. Not only that but he eventually had no self control in his own media either. After only a few people found out about the video game he wasn’t allowed to play word quickly got out to dozens, hundreds and eventually even thousands of people and what's worse was that there was nothing he could do to prevent or escape the undeserving consequences he got for this. He was completely trapped in a never ending realm of permanence. No matter where Felix went to forget about and escape his cruel past there were always people who knew about his media and brought up the whole situation again. He had lost complete control over his internet life and Social life because of posting something on the internet that he could never take back or remove especially when over thousands of people found out. The worst part though is that he went through all of this pain and suffering all because of a video game. He was given cruelty just because his parents were being responsible and not letting him play anything violent. This story is one of the main examples about the danger of Social media. When you post something on Social Media it will always stay their and spread. Also, when posting something even as small and harmless as a videogame there will always be people who will try to find a way to use something as small and harmless as that to make you think less of yourself and they'll always keep on trying push you more and more until you end up making the same mistake Felix made and sometimes it’s only when that person results to such a hasty action when  people mocking them finally realize the horrible mistake they have made only for it to be too late.