THINK Before You Post!

It all started when a math teacher (Carly McKinney) photos  were posted to a twitter account. Her name was Carly McKinney, her twitter page which was created by her friend which included inappropriate photos involved with drugs, and nudity. One of her posts read “Naked. Wet. Stoned.” while another read, “Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It's funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot.” Her twitter account consisted of all of half-nude photos. She said that her partner was the one posting all the offending tweets.

Her tweets not only got her fired from her job, but it also affected her life significantly. For example if her students found the photos/tweets of her she would be in huge trouble! She would lose her job and be investigated because of her tweet saying that she was smoking marijuana on school property, but eventually 9NEWS found the tweets and it all went from there. She made her account private instantly.

Lack of control: Everything in this situation was very wrong..but there were some parts that was her fault for going out of control. She told NEWS9 that while taking the pictures she never knew they would get out on social media. And they eventually got out there, she said that she regret taking the pictures, it’s too late now.

Permanence: After being discovered she quickly tried to private her account to save herself from trouble, but it didn’t help. When something is out there in the internet, it is out there forever. Anyone can quickly take a screenshot or make a copy, she did not think about the consequences before taking the pictures.

Immediately: After the pictures and tweets were posted, it was found out immediately, and the news spread like wildfire. At that moment she knew she made a mistake and the backlash was too fast for her to control.

If I were to give her some advice, I would suggest her to not destroy her online reputation with a couple inappropriate pictures. I would also suggest to act more like you are close to your students. Furthermore, I would tell her to act like if her online life was connected to life. I would tell her that her mistakes online can bring consequences on her future.