Think before you post

Jahdiyyah Matthews

The Racist Tweet

Justine Sacco, a communications director of the New York- based internet empire, InterActive Corp. Justine was at the airport about to board a 12 hour flight from Lodon to Cape Town when she decided to post a tweet, it read, “ Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get Aids. Just kidding. I’m white!”. Now Justine didn’t think to many people would notice this tweet or it would sway off to other social media sites or she would lose her job. Fom Justine being on a 12-hour flight  she didn’t notice all the things she had stired up. By time she landed people had started a hashtag about her #HasJustineLandedYet. Justine was terrifed at all the emails she had gotten and the next morning losing her job. She also wrote a apolojy letter to the world and the internet empire that she worked for. After a couple of weeks of threats and being depressed for her mistake she thought it would be good if she soonly deleted her twitter, facebook,and  instagram account.

Now, Justine didn’t really believe that all of this would happened while she was on a plane. She didn’t even think that so many people would have retweeted, screenshot, or post around because none of her other tweets were so important. That’s the thing with immediacy, you won’t think something would go around so quick. People all around the world have posted things that they didn’t believe would go viral. Immediacy played out in this story becuase withi less of 12 hours one tweet was seen by thousands of people. Even though Justine deleted the tweet and then deleted all of her social media links this tweet can still be seen and still effects people to this day. The tweet is forever aroud, just like a tattoo or something it is permanent.

Lack of control came around once Justine landed and didn’t know what to do about her tweet surfuring around. She didn’t have control of it going viral and have control of how people but she did have control of what she said. My personal advice to Justine is think before you type. Always put yourself in a strangers shoes reading something you say or seeing something you do. No matter what you do it always effects someone, no matter of a good effect, bad effect it still has a role in people lives.