Tips for Teenagers

Tips for Teenagers

By: Jaycob, Mercedez, Cinque, Ryan & Jake

Based on the I-Search papers that we completed on teenage development, here are some tips for teenagers to help them be happier and to help them develop in positive ways.

  1. My tips is that teens should be encouraged enroll in athletics and extracurricular activities, to enhance their social skills and personal identities. Studies show that they can also enhance brain development and physical well-being. It also

  2. helps children learn how to solve problems, identify interests, and work with others.

  1. My tip was to be careful about what groups you join and who you are getting involved with.

  2. Jaycob’s tip; Everything needs to have a balance, meaning that everything you do has to have moderation.

  3. My tip is to be careful with peer pressure. Peer pressure can be both good and bad. Every teenager give into peer pressure at some point in their lives, both good and bad so watch what kind of peer pressure you give into.

Without knowing, the things you say can affect someone dramatically. Most teenagers with certain disorders won’t tell others what they are going through. Think before you say things.