Tips for Teenagers Zack Waxler, Brandon Miranda, Chloe Bartlett, Taylor Simmons and Mya Bulgin

Tips for Teenagers

By: Zack Waxler (3), Brandon Miranda (4), Taylor Simmons (1), Chloe Bartlett (2) and Mya Bulgin (5)

Based on the I-Search papers that we completed on teenage development, here are some tips for teenagers to help them be happier and to help them develop in positive ways.

  1. Don’t trust people too much because sometimes that overwhelming sense of trust can come back to hurt you.

  2. It’s not your fault, so don’t blame yourself. If someone in your life is having a hard time getting through life, you might blame yourself and think that you are the reason why they are having a hard time. Don’t do that.

  3. Getting appeal from your peers isn’t as important as you think, don’t have that as your top priority in life.

  4. Do not be influenced by those who will make you unsuccessful. Remember that most of people (that aren’t your parents) that you look up to could be the reason why you are losing the capability of achieving what you want.

  5. Mya’s Slot (She is absent today)