Torres Aamiyah, Capstone.

In this paper I was most proud of myself for actually sticking to it. No matter how many times I wanted to give up and just stop working on it all together I didn’t. I pushed myself to do good ! I pushed myself to do better if I wanted to really graduate. I know what I had to do to get it done. This paper was definitely a process especially because I was doing it on my own and it was like taking on a lot. While this would have been way fun with a partner I am so happy that I got to do this. What I learned about myself is that I could really master a lot of things. Working alone, I get distracted easily. I learned that I can really procrastinate but still get it done at the last minute. What I also learned about myself is that I care about other people and I care about my community enough to really do a project on this and really come together with this. I am very interested in keeping kids safe ! While I want to keep everyone safe In the real world only kids under 18 are dying towards violence. My project Benefits the communities in so many different ways such as raising awareness. Discussing gun violence can raise awareness of the problem and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. It can help people understand the scope of the problem and the need for action. Encouraging action. Discussions about gun violence can encourage people to take action to prevent it. This might involve advocating for policy changes, supporting community programs that address the root causes of violence, or simply being more vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Building community. Talking about gun violence can help build community and foster connections between people who share a common goal of reducing violence. It can provide a forum for people to share their experiences, ideas, and concerns. Empowering individuals. Discussing gun violence can empower individuals to take action to protect themselves and their loved ones. It can provide information on how to recognize and respond to potentially dangerous situations, and can encourage people to seek out resources and support. Fostering dialogue. Talking about gun violence can foster dialogue and understanding between people who hold different views on the issue. It can provide an opportunity for people to listen to and learn from each other, and to work towards common solutions. Overall, discussing gun violence can help raise awareness, encourage action, build community, empower individuals, and foster dialogue. It is an important step towards reducing violence and creating safer communities.

This Proposal paper is about Gun Violence. Why ? Because I feel as though this isn’t talked about enough. Well it is talked about A LOT but nothing ever changes. I feel like this is a topic that needs to be talked about, especially when younger kids are involved. What makes it worthwhile to me is not seeing any kids get hurt and making this madness end. I want to be a nurse. My reason for this is to help people when they are hurt because of people who want to shoot people or hurt them so badly. I will get to the bottom of my Tipic. As I research and get information on this Topic I will understand why our city is so violent. I want people to understand where this rage comes from and I want it to stop. I want people to put an end to the Violence and the rage. Because taking a life is so sad. Watching people’s families suffer as they bury their kids YOUNG BABIES. I personally picked this topic because I feel as though Talking about violence will benefit our community in so many ways. It will help us understand each other, Keep others safe. We can talk about it and talk about what we want to change. Though some people will not agree because of situations that they feel as though they need to get people back for hurting their loved one. This could benefit our community in so many ways. I might face some bad challenges with seeing this topic through. But I know that there are people who really want to stop violence so I know that I will also face some good challenges and I know that I will have a lot of support during this project. I can talk to people who have already been through this kind of stuff, Research people who have been through this. Get answers and etc. I feel as though I will get somewhere with this, I might not get far but I know people will hear me and I know I will be heard. My question is: Why can’t everyone stop killing ? The end goal for this project is to get to the bottom of why can’t people put an end to gun violence or any kind of violence and make peace with each other. I am interested in this project because, to me, I feel as though it is an important topic to bring to people’s attention. I just feel as though Gun related violence threatens our most fundamental human right, the right to life. Gun violence is a daily tragedy affecting the lives of individuals around the world. More than 500 people die every day because of violence committed with firearms. This should never be okay and that’s why I’m interested in this project to talk about this more. It will serve a community by talking about the problem and having people come together to really get it together and change the world. Nobody wants to die because people wanna be trigger happy, or because people wanna kill and then if they can’t find the main person they kill their friends or family. Nobody wants to lose their loved one’s for another’s doing and the community needs to talk about it honestly. They need to hear about those things. Because most babies die due to the fact that they are caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Philadelphia is so dirty, They are so careless and inconsiderate. During this Paper my timeline will be pretty simple. I stated my topic now. I will start my research and start talking to people about this topic etc. After all of my research and information is in I will start putting it in and recording the information I gathered and putting it into a doc. After I am done all of that I’ll answer my own question letting people know why this stuff happens. Following all of this I will present my project and give people this information I came up with. I have so many family members that have said situations where they felt as though “ they got one of mine so I have to get one of theirs”. I did an interview with 2 of my uncles! Like a podcast. And this is how it went. Aamiyah: What do you think the reason for gun violence is ? Uncle R: The reason for gun violence is someone takes a person’s life for anything like money, a job, drugs etc. When they take that person’s life then the family of that person or friends is gonna take the life of that person. For example king von if you listen to his songs “Wayne’s story” He talks about how wayne tried to rob someone because he was broke and the other person was rich. Wayne didn’t kill the man so the man started looking for wayne. Wayne was hiding out so they couldn’t find him. The man that Wayne tried to rob found Wayne’s cousin and he murdered him. He murdered him to send him a message that he was not playing around. Wayne found out his cousin was dead and started killing the other boy’s family. The cycle became a whole thing and they started killing each other’s family until one of them was dead. And even after they die, their friends/family will still find people who are around them and kill them. Uncle K: Most violence starts because people who are caught at the wrong place and the wrong time. While I have known this I just want to know how we can put an end to all of this. Sometimes Conventionally, violence is understood to be often driven by negative emotions, such as anger or fear. For example, a person might become aggressive because they were enraged at another person, or they were afraid the other person might hurt them. Also History of violent victimization. Attention deficits, hyperactivity, or learning disorders. History of early aggressive behavior. Involvement with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Low IQ. Poor behavioral control. Deficits in social cognitive or information-processing abilities. High emotional distress. I feel as though there needs to be a change in the law such as reducing firearm access to youth and individuals who are at risk of harming themselves or others. Hold the gun industry accountable and ensure there is adequate oversight over the marketing and sales of guns and ammunition. Engage responsible gun dealers and owners in solutions. Time and again, we are heartbroken by the news of another mass shooting. Part of our healing must be the conviction that we will do everything in our power to keep these tragedies from happening in a nation that continues to face a pandemic of gun violence. It’s not only the high-profile mass shootings that we must work to prevent, but also the daily deaths by guns that claim more than 30,000 lives every year. I want to go from neighborhood to neighborhood to find out why people are so careless and what we can do to change it. I know that there will never really be a solution. There are several reasons why it is important to talk about gun violence. Public safety for one Gun violence is a major public safety issue in many countries, including the United States. Discussing gun violence can help raise awareness of the problem and identify ways to reduce the risk of gun related injuries and deaths. Next we have Human impact. Gun violence can have a devastating impact on individuals and communities. It can result in physical injuries, psychological trauma, and loss of life. Talking about gun violence can help raise awareness of the human cost of gun violence and promote empathy and understanding. Policy change. Talking about gun violence can help inform policy change at the local, state, and national levels. It can help identify areas where policy changes are needed, and encourage lawmakers to take action. Prevention: Talking about gun violence can help identify ways to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This might involve promoting education and awareness about gun safety, identifying and addressing the root causes of violence, and providing support and resources to individuals and communities. Community building is a good one because Talking about gun violence can help build community and foster connections between people who share a common goal of reducing violence. It can provide a forum for people to share their experiences, ideas, and concerns, and work together towards a common goal. Overall, talking about gun violence is important because it can help promote public safety, raise awareness of the human impact of gun violence, inform policy change, prevent violence, and build community. It is an important step towards creating safer, more peaceful communities. but we need to keep our families safe.