Toxic City - Philadelphia

In our project, Toxic City, we learned that most houses in Philadelphia have one problem in common. That being that they were built before the lead paint ban of 1978, this means that almost all of the houses that haven’t been renovated, re-built or destroyed, still have lead paint in the walls. A really bad hazard that is accessible to people who live in the house and most vulnerable of all, children. Because it is a hazard, we consider it an environmental injustice and a basic crime for threatening the lives of those who live in said house that contains lead paint. Environmental justice is the equal treatment between people and the environment. How we manage, develop, implement and maintain laws and policies between both nature and humans. An environmental just society would look like a greener and more sustainable place. One full of ways to achieve sustainability and one that does not harm the environment as much as how we do now in current society. In order to sustain an environment just society we just need to keep ourselves, humans, sustainable, not over do anything, such as waste food, buy products that you will never use, and practically living out of just what you need. Something that stood out to me and that I found surprising was the fact that there are other many cities in the US that are also suffering from lead toxicity apart from Philadelphia. I am also wondering why the US hasn't taken any measures to address this big issue that affects a lot of people? Can't they at least provide some sort of help to those affected?

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