Trevor Yancy Capstone

In summary, the purpose of my Capstone Project was to research the impact of extra-curricular activities in schools, and to look at the experiences that Philadelphia students have with extracurricular activities . My process included researching the benefits of extracurricular activities on students, doing surveys, and doing interviews. This allowed me to collect a lot of information from students, parents, school staff, and school leaders about the impact of having extracurricular clubs in schools.The goal was also to gather information about the benefits of extracurricular activities, and to get information about the extracurricular activities that schools already have, and the kind of activities that people would like to see more of. Another goal was to share this information with school leaders so that they can make sure that they offer students as many extracurricular clubs as possible. My capstone project shows that extra-curricular activities help with student attendance, student behavior and student motivation to learn. In conclusion, my capstone project also shows that most schools in Philadelphia could use more extra-curricular activities, and more variety, not just sports. This can make the school community better for everyone, especially all students.