Viajar a Paraíso

Q3 Spanish project 1
Listed above are all of the components of my Travel Project. For this project, I had to work with a group and plan a trip to any place we wanted which was Costa Rica. Basically, we were a travel agency and it was our job to give our customer everything they need to know as far ass food, housing arrangements, transportation and day-to-day activities. Listed above in order is my group's Research document we created in order to inform our customer on Costa Rica, our Brochure to advertise our agency, Our Powerpoint Slide to give the customer a day-to-day layout and our advertisement commercial. With so many components to the project, it definitely was a challenge but I enjoyed it because it was interesting being able to learn about Costa Rica and I was able to find out about some of it's beauty, history and interesting activities that it has to offer. If I did the project again, I would possibly choose a place I am more familiar with because learning a completely new place was a bit challenging.