Wall Outlet Braces

Attention SLA@B Community!! Have you or someone you know tripped over a wall outlet that was pulled out of the wall, or have you actually pulled a wall outlet out of the wall? No? Well that’s okay! Mr. Rae Grant did (a few times)!

As you may or may not already be aware of, the wall outlets on the engineering/geometry room are not in the wall. They are mostly working, however they have been through months and possibly years of abuse from students yanking out their laptop and phone chargers, gradually making them less and less attached to the wall.


Currently, the outlets are not just loose or moderately broken, but are completely out of the wall, and are dangling by the wire running up the wall. One of them is even able to be as far as a foot from the wall! We obviously need to fix this problem, as it may possibly cause an electrical safety problem, not to mention people constantly trip over them.

What do we do? Our team - made up of Jack, Dior, Diamond, Mya, Marcus, Ali, Skylar and Yari - have found a solution!

Wall braces!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

These will be placed on top of the wire which runs up the wall and is attached to the outlets. It will keep a sturdy hold on the outlets and keep them attached to the wall. To make these, we will use SLA@B’s Makerspace so as to add no cost to the school because we are using resources which are already readily available for student use. These braces will be approximately 1” x 1” and will be held together with wood glue, as that is a strong adhesive and it is a small figure. Later, hopefully soon, they will be screwed into the wall.

Though this is not complete right now, expect to see them on the walls soon!

Mr. Rae-Grant will no longer trip over these outlets!