Water pollution in schools

In my post, I was commenting about the crisis, regarding lead in the pipes around Philadelphia schools. Additionally, over 57% of schools has a ppd of 50, rather than the recommended a month which is 20 ppd from EPA. Subsequently, through this process, I would like to think I have done well in providing the right information regarding my PSA. It was short, but I tried to keep it a bit interesting. But if I had to do this a second time, I would have chosen a different topic, like air, food deserts etc. It was difficult finding relevant information or stars that report of the quilts of after in Philadelphia. But after some brain storming*, I decided to talk about how bad the contamination of drinking water would get really bad. One the other hand , the most meaning full thing about doing this was looking who fortunate is am to have access to clean water in my school. Lastly, I chose this topic because I thought is was really important to spread awareness about water pollination in schools. .