Water Pollution Mini PSA

I chose to make my mini PSA about water pollution, as it is something I wanted to research more about. This video goes over the issues of water pollution. Such as... who it affects, how it affects them, how it is connected to social justice, and how we can make changes in our day-to-day life to decrease the effects of pollution. There are many things we do not even notice that effect our water. These things were very interesting to me! I feel by researching, I can help make more of a difference myself. I think what I did well was gathering and organizing the information. I went through a lot of sources and it was difficult to summarize it all in a video that's less than 2 minutes, but I was able to accomplish it. If I were to do this again, I'd likely try to manage my time a little better. The most meaningful part of all this was, as said before, getting to learn how I can make a difference myself.