Water Pollution PSA

Provide a summary of the contents of your video and a rationale for why YOU chose this topic, in paragraph form. - In this video, you will learn about water pollution, its causes, solutions, and how you can help. This video also shows people in the community who make a change to actively and positively affect water pollution. I chose this topic because, after the most recent chemical spill in Philadelphia, I felt it was important to inform people about the water they drink.

What did you do well and what could you have done differently? - Something I did well was editing the video and providing as much information as I could in the video. I think that I could have filmed more visuals because there are more images than I expected to be in the video.

What was the most meaningful part of the experience of creating the PSA? - The most meaningful part of the experience was doing the research and the impact that the shared information will later have on people.