Water Pollution PSA

In the video, we talk about different types of water in the city and how they are contaminated by us humans. I picked this problem because when learning about water pollution previously to this.benchmark in your class I could see it is a major problem and needs to be heard by a PSA. Also with our combined knowledge from past and present research, we can produce a quality PSA. in this project I contributed by helping choose the topic, fleshing out ideas on what to record, and recording my part. I feel like I did good research on and learned a bit more from our other water pollution project. I also looked back on old assignments to see if I can salvage any extra information. I wish I had gone to a lake or river to get some footage but as the water around my area was not as contaminated as other parts of Philadelphia. The most meaningful part of the experience is just learning through research and statistics on how stuff that we deem as innocent can really take a toll on this planet and learn ways that we can prevent it.