Water Pollution PSA

For our PSA we decided to talk about water pollution. We inform viewers of what water pollution is, where it can be found and what causes it. We also have some interviews with different people to see what they know about water pollution and see if they really know their facts! We also talk about some things in Philadelphia with tap and bottled water. I think I played a fair role in my group, I kind of gave my group a nudge to get stuff done when we were all feeling lazy. I also did the corrections for our script and our video editing. I think I did a good job pulling my own weight but I think for next time if I know that I have the time to get this done and out the way, I might as well just knock it out instead of pushing it off until later. I think the most meaningful part was the interviews, being able to see what people know already, what their opinions are. It was just really cool do hear from different people. PSA Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaKdwc0Yojw