We Dem Boyz Group Video(Michael, Cyrus, Jordon, Jake)

Group Artist Statement:

Throughout this project our group learned many things, whether it was as a group or individually. We found out that when we work together as a group we can do anything and that when we are alone we learn to be ourselves.

For the first marking period that we have been a group, we bonded in many ways and managed to get projects done while having fun doing it. We learned many things that we can look back upon and have nothing but good memories. We learned a lot about each other through this project, for example our hobbies, culture, personalities, and many other things.

However, for the whole marking period we got all our projects done and got good grades on MOST of them while having fun. We each had a chance to try out each others hobbies, we had the chance to bond and become friends, and many more things.

From the makings of these videos, we discovered that we don't need to hide behind a mask because of our differences. We made these videos where we all told each other about our different hobbies, interests, culture, etc. We did not judge anyone based on any of the following qualities; instead we tried each other’s traits out. While doing this, we had a fun time doing the things that we knew nothing about. So what we learned while doing this project is that there is no need to hide behind a mask because if you come out and no one judges, you can have fun and learn things about someone that you never knew before.

Michael’s Artist Statement:

Why do we express ourselves? We express ourselves for many reasons. The first reason is that people express themselves is to get attention and to be notice by others. The second reason is to communicate. We have complex communication and languages for social reason and we express these things through art, music, writing, etc.

Technology has change over the past hundred years. People also change with technology to adapt with newer types of devices. Technology affects the way we connect with others by distracting ourselves from personal interactions. People now use technology because it is a easier and faster way to express ourselves. Unlike in person, through technology, you can know express your thoughts and emotions in a more efficient way to almost everyone you know at once, and maybe too people you have never meet.
I have expressed myself as a person of a person who likes school and spends most of his time there. I have also express myself as a person who loves dance music as showed in the audio of the music. In addition to that, I have express myself as a builder, as you may see in the video, I build a lot of cool things. I then farther in the video, express myself as a people who loves to watch anime. Last but not least, I express myself as a person who loves selfies, as shown in the video, it is about 65% of my video! Thought the video I show may look a bit easy to make for some people. I find it an amazing accomplishment and a wonderful experience, for the reason that it is the first video I ever made.

Jake’s Artist Statement:

The idea of who I really am, and how I choose to express myself is a pretty new one for

me.  Since we began this project in class, I have learned a lot of interesting things about people expressing themselves as human beings and how I would like to express myself,  I have realized that self-expression is complicated, but important.

I learned that a lot of people need to express themselves to the world because it helps them to be an individual.  If they did not express themselves as an individual, many people would feel lost or alone. Since we made a video of how we choose to express ourselves, I decided to express myself based on my family, friends, and my hobbies. These are the three key things in my life. These things describe who I am perfectly.

I think that people forming a first impression of my by looking at my video would think that I am a pretty simple person.  But in reality, after doing this project, I have realized that who I am is much more complicated than that.  I think that I am only just beginning to learn how to express myself.

Cyrus’s Artist Statement:

My video is inspired from my from my instagram. I use my instagram to express myself a lot. I took a few videos and picture from my instagram, mainly the ones that have a meaning or represent me. I don’t post just anything on my instagram. I only upload things that i’m into and I think is worth saving or worth everyone else seeing.

I express myself for people to get an understanding of me. I express myself in many different ways. I do this because I want people to know me as a very diverse person. For example, my instagram. You mainly see skateboarding because that’s what i’m interested in the most. You also see art, photography, music, fashion and many other things. This leads to the next question. How does technology affect the way we express ourselves and connect with others? As I previously said, I only upload things that I think is worth other people seeing. People could honestly express themselves as much as they want through technology. For example, look at anyone facebook. You can tell what type of person they are just by what they post. In this video I used a few things that describe me the most. It’s a mix of everything that mean something to me or play the biggest role in my life. I think I expressed my complexity by using many different types of topics. I don’t have a video full of picture of myself. I mixed it up with old pictures of myself, new pics of myself, skateboarding, art, family, and photography. I showed the things that I would personally use to describe myself.

This video is basically a quick summary of how I would describe myself and how I express myself. I am artistic, athletic, and I love my family. This is how I want other is see me. This is how I express myself.

Jordon’s Artist Statement:

In my video I expressed my hobbies a lot. I learned that finding who I am and what I like to do is very important. I feel like the saying “I know you better than you know yourself” is very important. That should not be the case, you should find things you love and look back into your memories and find you who you are. The thing is I don’t take good photos of myself, I don’t think I look right. So I take pictures of places I visit, things I do that are fun, and just things in my life period. Getting to know yourself and defining yourself should be a life goal. I never really thought about finding who I am or defining who I am before this project. I just thought of taking pictures was just to make memories, but that's just part of it. They remind you who you are and what makes you different from everyone else. Knowing who you are lets you reveal that you are not the same as one person in this world. Many people want to fit in but they don’t want to be exactly the same as everyone. I am one of those people. I sometimes pick a trend that is going on right now but a lot of the time I pick my own style.