What's your future?

Abdulomar Tucker

Thu,Oct 20th,2016  

Color Wheel Project         

             What’s your Future?

               I created this project because I didn’t want to just make my project a little  different.  I didn’t just want to have a color wheel , so I started thinking of ways to incorporate the color wheel into a overall picture. I went from trying to use inspiration from a show to nothing. Until one day it hit me. Out of nowhere, I thought about using a fortune teller. This way I would be able to incorporate the color wheel in a cool way. Because of the cool incorporation with the fortune teller and the color wheel being multi-purposeful , I believe the audience will love it. I think they would commend me for my vision and creativeness.

Similar to my other works. I like to make my work creative, deep and making  it something that you have to make  the most out of it. Another reason, why it’s similar to my other works is  if it were thrown into a pile of my other works it wouldn’t stick out in a negative .I think my work also compares to contemporary works in modern society because I took some 21st century influence. I also gave my work and message I constantly think about which I titled the painting. This fits in with history because it’s contemporary art. Making it fit in a unique category.  I used pictures from this site to draw inspiration : "Love Fortune Telling." Love Fortune Telling. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Oct. 2016. An artist that influences me is James Patterson. He fits into my work a lot because we give our work a realistic comic book feel. Our work looks like it could be in a comic book. A technique I find useful and mimic is the number of drafts he would make of one work. He would remake something as many as 9 times to really work it over. I never did this before learning about him. It makes the work look really clean.