Wild Trash Animal - Charcoal Drawing for Art 2

Wild Animal Cottonpuff
Wild Animal Cottonpuff

The art piece is a greyscale image of a kitten looking off to the viewer’s left of the image. The background of said image is blurry and nondescript, highlighting the subject. The charcoal is used

The main tools used were a Charcoal Pencil, and a White Chalk Pencil. Starting with the simplest use first: The White Chalk Pencil was used to show highlights in the piece and create some of the lighter greys in the image. The Charcoal was used to create texture, show dark areas, and to create negative space.

The work had no true message to showcase, moreso a showcase of skills learned, and the subject. The piece pertains to the importance of the subject, my kitten fittingly named “Cottonpuff”. Having that kitten was a big deal for me, as I went from hating cats all my life to suddenly being extremely infatuated with this small animal.

The use of the chalk and then the charcoal to make the lighter greys is integral to the piece, without it the true hinting of the colors of the cat wouldn’t be able to show.

This entire piece could be a new experience, I had experience with charcoal but nothing this extensive, moreso on the “i made a few strokes” scale. And white chalk was an even knew-er experience.

This isn’t much of a departure from things like the last piece. But this is infact my first proper drawn from photo piece, nothing too special to be entirely honest.

I had no real inspiration, I guess the softness of the image pays homage to a Frank Frazzeta (here's one) piece, or a Nora Suko piece (here's one).

I’d change the size of the image, I wish it was larger, the small size slightly chokes the image

I learned a lot. This was a very interesting foray into not only drawing from photograph, but into multiple uses for Charcoal, White Chalk, and into drawing nonhumans.

I’m honestly most proud of the accuracy the piece captures, it look a lot like the original photo, and I like that

Anyhow, people might be wondering about the title of the image. It comes from how I talk to the animals at my house, I tend to say mean things while meaning the opposite, and the animals seem to understand that. On top of that Cottonpuff tends to be in the trash a lot so that adds to the name.