Winner Tsegay-Mudslides/Landslides

How do the earth systems affect each other? The systems, by interacting with each other, can cause a change in another. For example, plants that are biosphere take water (hydrosphere) and nutrients from the soil and release oxygen into the atmosphere. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters? On mudslides in which we had to do for our assignment as a group, it occurs when masses of rocks, earth, or debris move down a slope but if you know how to stop it such as listening to evacuation instructions and having a geotechnical assessment done on your property then you will be able to aid in handling this natural disaster. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future? The most important effort we can make is saving energy because when we save energy, it reduces the amount of air pollution and water pollution and can also create a healthy environment for people. Your reaction to your findings and overall project? My reaction to the overall project and the findings of the information was fun. It was interesting to design the project and see how it all works out. We used different types of materials such as software for sketching, and different types of ideas on how we can make the mudslides.