Written Reflection, Q4

In quarter 1, we were assigned to make our own personal website to advertise ourselves to job offers, or schools. People choose different websites to use such as wix.com, weebly.com, etc. I choose Weebly. It was fairly easy to use, and I was able to make my website. It was a bit hard for me to make my website unique, and visually appealing. The project was successful for me. I was able to include all of the main points. Although, I wished I had spent more time into making it look more intriguing and putting more pictures up on it. 
The project I choose in quarter 2 was to photoshop an image. I photoshopped my principal’s face onto the Mona Lisa. I used the program Adobe photoshop. My overall vision was to make it look like Mr. Johnson was the Mona Lisa. It was difficult trying to blend their skin colors together. Overall, the project was mostly successful. 
In quarter 3, I did 3d modeling. I choose to make a piggy bank. It was a little difficult to find the right pieces and shapes. Then, I had to make them all stick together the same, with the same exact angles, and measurements. My vision for the project was to have a piggy bank that didn’t roll around and you could stick coins into. At first, I had trouble trying to put legs onto the piggy bank. It was difficult having the two front legs align at the exact same measurement, same for the back legs. The project was successful for the most part, except I was never able to 3D print out the piggy bank. 
My high point of learning this course was when I used Adobe Photoshop. I learned how to blend two pictures together and make them look like one image. I also learned how to change the temperature or color of the picture. An area of growth that I had was being a bit more creative. In the beginning, when I first created my website, it was a mess. Now, with everything I’ve learned I believe I could make some tweaks to it and have it look more aesthetically pleasing. 
Outside of class, I can use use what I’ve learned about making a website to make my own blog or website. I can also use photoshop to make a logo or design something for a business. Next year, we should learn more about html and coding. I believe it would help any kids that would like to go into computer programming. 
My first tip that I have would be to always submit your checkpoints on time. My second tip would be to use what you learned in class outside of it. My third tip would be to choose a project that you would like to do.