Screenshot 2017-06-06 at 8.38.48 AM
Screenshot 2017-06-06 at 8.38.48 AM
               We built this specific design because we wanted to challenge to test our engineering skills. We wanted the design to be based off of a superhero that we both liked, It was flash. We wanted to paint it flash colors but we only had blue lights, so we went with Flash’s enemy Zoom. So the colors changed from the yellow lighting bolt with all red, to blue lighting bolt with all black. Then it was time to put our engineering skills to work. 
              First we focused on the hardest part, which was making a circle out of a rectangle piece of wood. We used a bucket to trace two circles out of the rectangle wood and startinging cutting it out with a Japanese Handsaw. We had to cut it to make it look like a octagon and to make sure we didn't go past the line. Once we cut as close to the line as possible it was time to sand it down, first we did it manually then we noticed it would take a long time so we used the Sand belt which sped up the process a lot. When we were done with the two circles we had to put them together but have a space in between so that we would have enough space to put the lights around. Jeremiah drilled four holes into the circles and used nuts and bolts to hold it tightly together. Then we used the laser cutter to cut out the two lighting bolts.
             Then it was time to move on to the stand, This part was all Kenny. Kenny picked out the wood we needed to build the stand. Kenny took measurements of the wood so it would look nice, then he had to cut the pieces out. First he used a Hot Glue Gun to start the stand, but then moved to wood glue.Then we wanted the stand to open up so we could access the battery and wires. When the stand was done, we had to paint it. Kenny painted the whole thing while Jeremiah put the series current together. The wires were hard at first because he kept cutting them by accident. But it turned out to be impressive. We had trouble with putting it all together, There was too much space in between the stand to hold the circles with the symbol on it. First we tried using nuts and bolts again, but we could not screw the nuts on the bolt so we asked for help….Then the Makerspace manager said “ try the nail gun. We put some wood in between the stand enough so that it can hold the circle when we use the nail gun. Once we were done with the nail gun it was complete !!! But Jeremiah wanted to add the final touches to it. He used the laser cutter to engrave the creators names. And it said “ The Legeendary Creators
                                                                                                               Kenny N. & Jeremiah W.”