Alisa Foster- Capstone

For my project as my final capstone, I have decided to use what I love and share it with my peers. I have decided to teach volleyball to my peers. Since I am very familiar with the sport and what it is you need to do to play it, I thought this would be perfect to teach to people who might not know how to play. Although only a few people were interested they still learned a lot. This process wasn’t very hard being as though I knew what is was I wanted to teach. Before I decided on coaching a volleyball class. I picked a completely different project but I wasn’t very contempt with it so at the last minute I changed it. I have played volleyball since sixth grade. I played/started all four years in high school. I was appointed captain in twelfth grade. Since I was captain I have learned that I am a strong leader so it wasn’t going to be hard to teach an inexperienced group of people the beautiful game of volleyball. After the practice, I have asked my classmates if they have a better understanding of how to play and they all said yes. This was my main goal. I thought it was going to be tricky for them to learn, but they actually picked it up pretty fast. Being as though I only had a day to teach them they performed well and to the best of their ability. The main thing I have learned through this short journey is anybody can learn a skill if the teacher teaches it thoroughly and correctly. Also, I learned that you must be patient and not yell if they do not get it because it does take time.