All Projects This Year.

These are all the projects I still have from the beginning to now of the year.

Ser vs. Estar Project: For this project, I had to describe when to use "ser" and "estar", as they are apart of sentence structure in spanish.

Eulogy Project: For this project, I had to make a skull mask and paint a sugar skull that was supposed to resemble a deceased family member. I chose my grandmother.

La Poesia y Mi Reflexion Proyecto: For this project, I had to choose a spanish poet and one of their poems, and talk about them and their poem and translate that poem. I chose Ruben Dario's "A song of Springtime".

Mi Familia, Mis Amigos, y Yo Proyecto: For this project, I had to create a video with two family members, two friends, and one teacher, where they read a script I made about them and their interests. It's very nice.

Viajar Proyecto: For this project, my group and I had to create a travel agency and make different packages for a 5,7, or 9 day vacation that includes hotel, restaurant, touring, and museum fees. My group and I did Santiago de Cali, Colombia as a place to visit.