Amin Robinson's Capstone

My capstone was about society's intake on insecurities. I use social parties between Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Religion, and Age. the Idea was to find any type of lines that connect any of these parties together through insecurities. I have decided to do this because I am a very well-spoken person with the alacrity to speak my mind but in an amiable way. I take into account other's feeling and definitely will soon understand psychology in many different ways and forms. I am planning on studying it because at a young age I was very emotional and have soon felt at one point, insecure. My reaction to this is "Why do I feel this way about myself?" whether I felt incoherent what can I do psychologically to help myself understand something that I have been feeling for over years and years to come? I wanted to break each and every part of insecurities down into small pieces and let people know that this is how society feels. This is why insecurities are link to hate crimes, homicides, suicides, many other unfortunate events. I am well aware what I want to do. I want to actually study the human brain and what makes the nerves "tick"