Artist Statement

There is three simple objects in the photo. A dark brush on the left side with many bristles. A water bottle in the middle and a regular light brush with an average amount of bristles.

This is based on my personal experiences. These items are the thing that I carry everywhere with me. This could also be considered to be part of me, my identity. Without these items I may even be a different person. I know it may sound like a scratch but it is the truth.

For this artwork I didn’t really used that many tools or materials. I had a piece of paper, a pencil, hard pencils, and my fingers. Let me start with the oddest one first, I used my fingers to gauge the size difference amount my objects and try to replicate it. Then, I used my pencil to sketch and shade my objects. Of course I used the paper to make the art.

This follows my previous work is by using less about of materials needed.

To make my still life. I first had to set up my still life. One brush on the left, a water bottle in the middle, and a brush to the right. The first thing I started to draw was the water bottle, since I felt like doing the middle object would be easier and helpful for me to draw the rest. After doing that, I made the negative space among the objects making sure the size differences were the same. I quickly made both of the brushed. Then, I added more details to the objects, later shading it.

It wasn’t an artist that inspired me to do this. It was a Youtuber 360jeezy. It was a simple fact that he had great waves and he helped others to get waves. SImple as that.

One thing I was focus on was to draw the negative space among the objects because have that you would have all of the same shapes you wanted.I started to use the negative space technique a whole lot more, and I am grateful that I am more experience with it. I liked that I improve on the art each time I made it.I wish that I could of made the wood material more noticeable because I thought I didn’t to a great job with it.

I think still life help me to gauge the difference of sizes among the objects and rely on the power of negative space.