Artist statement

kitana S
kitana S
This is a split portrait for my sister.  For the left side of the portrait, I used a dark blue to convey sadness. I also drew a person sitting in a corner with a thought bubble saying I wanna die with two red x’s  on the bubble. There is also a statement on the sideline horizontally saying” nobody loves me anymore ” with a sad emoji. Finally, there's a broken heart with relationships on top and family on the bottom. In the middle of the portrait there is a picture of her, then you see the right side. The right side is very colorful, there's a big sun then it goes into an array of colors. The color pattern is blue, red, green, orange, pink, turquoise, and purple.  The blue and red part has words. The blue has “love & happiness “ written, and the red has “I don’t want to die anymore “ written.  Then there is a biracial couple together (my sister and her girlfriend). Finally, at the end, there is a ribbon with the words marriage and family. 

  This artwork was made to communicate what my sister's life is like and how it affects her and others.  My older sister is important to me and I wanted to show her that she’s worth it and that people love her.  I split the portrait in half to show two different sides of her life. The left side is what she'd think or going through now. The right side is what she wants and altogether a brighter life.  

 I expressed what she felt by using sharpies and oil pastels. I used a variety of markers to do detail work and coloring big spaces. I used a black felt tip sharpie to outline the division between the two different stories,  I used black for writing. I also used black to outline certain things to make things pop out.  I then used other felt tip sharpies to outline where I want too actual put the color. I used the colors blue, red, green, orange, pink, turquoise, purple, and yellow.  I outlined the things I wanted to outline in those specific colors then I filled in the rest of the spaces with scented markers. The materials I used for this piece of art, I used multiple times in other small projects for class. I use makers the most for projects and they seem to work well when drawing and filling in empty spaces.  
For the process of my artwork, I knew what I wanted to do since the beginning. I know my choice of colors and what particularly was gonna be on my artwork. I think that It came out well. There is also a very famous artist that have done similar work like me that have deep means in their work. Some of these people are Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso. 
The important technique I used was outlining. I used outlining too make the work that I had popped out, so it would look more defined. I also learned a new technique you could say, It was using the pastels to make a skin like the texture of the human figures in the drawing. From this piece of art I felt as though my most proud part was the way, the people were dawn. Then I would have to change one thing, and the only thing I want to change is how big the words are. I would want to make the words more profound/ bold so people can see more clearly. I learned that there are many ways to create work with different texture with different textures.