Artistic sculpture


 Jeremiah Grier & Chanelle Holiday

Artistic statement


Originally we were going to do something simple but we wanted to exceed expectation and think of something nobody else in the class would do. The most common thing other people did was attach lights to something and since we didn't just want to attach lights to something and have it look like we didn't put any effort in it. I saw this video and i wanted to make something like it because it represent art and hip-hop culture a bit because of the samples they used in the music and the messages on the shirt. Although we didn't make anything explicit and kept it PG on the shirt we tried to spice it up a little bit by drawing the deuces sign on it. That dueces sign represents No worries and no problems  to us, so we drew it because we thought we wouldn't have no problem doing these benchmarks and standards. In the end we made a good project and were very proud of it.