Asmar Beyah - Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to focus on African American hairstyles and hair care because of how much i care about my own hair. I wanted to make a video and inform my peers on the history of African American hairstyles and hair care. The video contains content about the struggles of “black hair”, where we get our inspiration from with our new hairstyles and products, and also how has hair and hair products evolved. I also talked about people who influenced our hair. The video is a digitized timeline where I date back information as far as the 1400s. I feel as though this is important because a lot of people in SLA@Beeber have now been taking care of their hair and it is starting to become a trend in our school. You can walk down the halls and hear females students talking about different hairstyles they want or different hair products they use. For the young men in our school, a lot of them have been brushing their hair or wearing a durag, not as a fashion statement but as a way to care for their hair. I want people to know where their hair products and hairstyles originated from. I feel as though that will make people will appreciate their hair more if they learn the information I will give them.