By: Stephanie, Autumn, Chris & Nathan

We all have different religions,styles of dressing, and cultural background. Although we have so many differences somehow  we find a way to effectively communicate and get along with each other as a whole.Cultural Background is is the context of one's life experience as shaped by membership in groups based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area.You could keep your cultural background alive by just believing in it and being proud of it.Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.Last but not least. Style is  a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.In our presentation we will show and tell how we connect through our differences.

Our group question was : How do you make healthy and valuable  relationships with people who are different from you?     

Our responses were :

Chris’s response:  Respect people and treat others the way you will want to be treated.

Nathan’s response:Accepting people for who they are and don’t  look at them in a stereotypical way.

Autumn’s response: To never judge a person by their looks.

Stephanies response: Get to know the person first before you start judging them.

Our style of dressing is like the same because we all like to be creative and like to be matching. In this group, even though we are different genders,it is like we think the same when we wear our clothes because we always look well. Even though we are different people we express our self in many different ways and clothing is one of the most important one to us. Also another way we express ourselves is by our religion. In this group of four all of us are Christians. Although we all are Christians, there are different types of Christians. In this group we have Lutheran, Baptist, and New Testament. In other words, some things we believe are different, but we all believe in the Bible. In our video, we also talked about where our great  grandparents originated.  All of our ancestors are from different parts of the world. Our ancestors came from Ireland, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and America. Since our ancestors come from different parts of the world,  we celebrate different holidays. For example, some of us celebrate St. Patricks Day, and others don’t. Some of the holidays that we have in common are Christmas and  Thanksgiving. Most of our ancestors immigrated to America a long time ago. We all have different backgrounds, which helps us get along, because we are all different and can learn many things from each other.

During this unit, we learned a lot pertaining to self expression. We had a question that we had to answer in our WeVideo.That question was: How do you make healthy and valuable relationships with people who are different from you?Answering this question,we make healthy and valuable relationships with people who are different by not judging the person.For example we learned about our background, religion, and style of dressing. This helped us learn and deal with people who have different backgrounds and cultures than us.Overall after watching and constructing multiple We-Videos, we learned a lot pertaining to discrimination and judgemental skills.

In our Video we three main  themes,Background, Religion, and Style of Dressing. This helped us learn and answer our main topic question which was: How do you make healthy and valuable relationships with people who are different from you. The answer to this question is not to judge anyone, so we went into details, we have similarities and differences in background, religion, and style of dressing. These are topics that mean a lot in our lives, and also these were the topics we all agreed on. As you have already read in the previous paragraph, we went into detail about each topic and how we differentiate and share similarities with ourselves

Therefore, in conclusion making these WeVideo have been an easy way to learn about one another and express your true identity. Collaborating with one another has been a great experience on each part, even when we disagreed. While learning about finding our true identity, I believe our identity is like a  jigsaw puzzle, there is still more pieces to be put in the puzzle because we still have more life to live. Before ending this essay I would like to end it with a quote,

“One of the most beautiful qualities of a true friendship is to understand and to be understood.


Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning about to define ourselves and how we express ourselves and how our friends, hobbies and family affect that. I learned a lot these past few weeks because before this i really didn’t know who I was.  We express ourselves because it shows people who we really are as a person and how we present ourselves. For example one way we express ourselves is the way we act around our friends and family. Some people act different when they’re with their friends and then when their with their family they act like a whole another person.

 I think when people watch my video they will understand how I express myself with pictures of my family and friends. This project really made me realize how I define myself and also how I express myself. It made helped me learn more about my classmates because were going to be with them for the next four years and now we know some stuff about them and more about their family and friends. I hope we do more projects like this to learn more about each other.
  Autumn :   I created this video so that people can see how I express myself. I express myself so that not only people will know who I am, but that I, myself will know who I am, because sometimes I forget. In my video you may not see a lot of pictures of myself, I tend to take pictures of  beautiful and memorable moments, not so many pictures of me. I rather take pictures of my family and friends rather than  take pictures of myself, I guess I am not a photogenic person.  In my video there is a couple pictures of my friends, my friends help me express myself because I listen to their advice. They affect me greatly,because I trust my friends and not everyone can gain my trust. My friends brighten my day and it makes the day feel easier and calm. I could not t live without friends because sometimes my family can get on my nerves and that is time when I talk to a friend, and vise-versa. In my video there is a couple pictures of my family, my family are indescribable, I have to love them. My family tries their best to make sure I’m happy, and they don’t have to, so I don’t take it for granted. My family and friends help me express myself, even though technology can distract me from socializing personally with them, they encourage and help me express myself diligently. Like I said before I expressed the complexity of my identity because my identity is not that complex, but its not boring either. My identity is beautiful and diligent, and I will always love it and grow in it. In my video there really is no structure, but random pictures that make me happy, and feeling at my best. The song that played was also my favorite song, it’s beat makes me feel happy and carefree on the inside. There is  food in the video because I love to cook, the animals pictures are because I love animals, the Christmas pictures are because I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday, the background and nature pictures are because nature is amazing. I can’t help who I am, this is who I came to be, this is Autumn Richardson, and this is how she expresses herself.  
Chris:  We humans express ourselves in a lot of different ways. The ways in which we express ourselves change over time.With the way the world is set up now, most people express themselves with technological resources. Expressing yourself with technology can be a good and bad thing in multiple ways. When, expressing yourself with technology  you can easily post pictures on basically any social media site ( twitter, instagram, facebook, etc…) and receive feedback which can make you feel really good or really bad about yourself. I would honestly not recommend expressing yourself over technology due to how many people get cyber bullied just for being them. Another way people express themselves is by what they wear, aka style. It might be confusing to understand, an example is if a person usually dresses really casual then they are presenting and are most likely to be seen as a more of a laid back person.As to if a person wore a suit everyday they would be geared to being seen a more business,classy, serious person. To me expressing yourself is how you wear your clothes. You can wear really nice clothes and wear them in the “incorrect” way and be judged as being sloppy. Wearing what we do today I think it plays a major part on how we express ourselves. A lot of people express themselves by their religion. With what had happened back in 2001 there has a been on dramatic change on how people visualize you based on your religion. Your religion is a major part on how you express yourself. Your religion changes they way you visualize the world. Your religion also changes the way you dress and the way you take up your time, which sways into how you express yourself. Expressing yourself goes deeper than just clothes, technology, and religion. Expressing yourself is unexplainable. If I would explain how I express my self it would probably take me forever. I express who I am all throughout my video in various ways. In order to understand my video fully you need to first know everyone is different. People have different races, religions, styles,etc.. Completing this project I learned a lot. But, most importantly I learned that although people have many differences we all connect as one in a way. Judging people just makes them not show their true selves more.

During this group video I have learned alot of different things and how to work with different people that has different personalities .This video was basically about the four of us in the group and the way that we express gain a strong and healthy relationship even though we have different backgrounds.This was not very hard for us because we came to a conclusion of having respect for each other and listening to each other opinion on different things. We talked about a lot of things like;religion, style of dressing,food,and we all have ancestors from different parts of the world,which I never knew.And we spoke about holidays that we do and don’t celebrate.

Talking about this stuff we got to see what we got in common and what we don’t.We have found out that all of us like to dress well and we all believe in the same religion.We even talked about hobbies and things that we like to do for fun and we all had different hobbies.

We try our best to work well together without allot of arguments and disagreements,and we still had a lot of arguments and disagreements,but I think that is what made us such a good group because some of our arguments taught us why we it is important to listen to someone else idea or perspective on something.

At the end of the day I was proud of working in this group because we brainstorm and put our thoughts together and create a great video. I even learned alot of things about my group members that I didn't even thought about knowing,so I was very proud to work with this group and I will be proud to work with them again because of the communication and the effort that they put into their work.