Carbon Monoxide Poisoning PSA

In our video, we have a little song that makes understanding what carbon Monoxide poisoning does. We also have the stats and cause & effect of carbon monoxide poisoning. I chose this topic because this is a huge problem in the environment. Just because you don’t be poison by it, it doesn’t mean it affecting something else. CO is heating up the Earth and is melting the polar caps. Polar bears are losing their home and soon will be us since the sea level are also rising.

Provide a reflection on how you contributed to the project and the role you played in the group.

I contributed to the project by helping the group with the research and transforming it into our video. I also did the editing for the video, I’m not the best at it but I think it went well.

What did you do well and what could you have done differently?

I think our song came out better than we thought. I would try to make the video a little shorter because a PSA is supposed to be a quick video, but the song wouldn’t ex[lain everything.

What was the most meaningful part of the experience of creating the PSA?

The most meaningful part of making this PSA was the song because it took some time using the information and making it rhyme with other information for the song.