Cost of Living: How is Poverty Becoming a Norm?

Q1 BM Political Poetry Zine

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George Gee (Student 2024)
George Gee

Dear Leya, Lynsay, Laila and Akina, I am astonished by your zine , “Cost of Living,” because It creatively address a known topic thatOne sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “If education is the key then money is the lock” I think this is amazing because it boldly addresses the sad reality of not having access to optimal education without money. Another section that resonated with me was when you guys spoke on gentrification. This stood out for me because I see it daily in my grandma’s neighborhood. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because of you guys’ creativity and how articulate you all are.

Camryn Nedrick (Student 2024)
Camryn Nedrick

Laila, Leya, Lynsay & Akina I am intrigued by your concept as a whole because it’s not really a well talked about concept. I’m surprised to hear about this topic since I wanted people to talk about it more. One part of your zine that stands out for me is the poems that you guys all did. I think this is a creative way to have the readers understand the aspects of poverty and why this is a big social issue. Another part that I liked is where you guys did the drawing for the creative submission. This stood out for me because you guys all showed how poverty is in our daily lives. Your entire zine was really good! It reminds me of an article that is showcasing what poverty is. Thanks for zine as a whole. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because… it was great to see you guys create a zine based on an important social issue that is going on in our society.

Laila Abdul-Haqq (Student 2024)
Laila Abdul-Haqq

Response to Myzhae: As one of the authors of this zine, I am glad to hear that our message was being understood. Hopefully it will encourage you to become an advocate for the cause or just to help have a voice for those who are silenced. Finally, I am filled with joy to hear that our creativity stood out and made our zine more complete. Thank you for your comment!

Myzhae Smith (Student 2024)
Myzhae Smith

I am impressed by your creative submissions about poverty. With your collages, drawings, and paintings I feel like you guys did a good way of broadcasting this issue and a creative way. I loved the choice of images, words, the black and white contrasting with the colors. One part that stood out to me was the “changes” page. I think that you did great at depicting life before and after the pandemic. Although people, of course, were still struggling, I think it's nice that you guys showed how Covid affected a lot of people's lives financially as well since nobody really speaks on it much. I also like how all of your poems were very different and tied into the theme, they were all great! Thanks for your zine. I look forward to seeing what you may make in the future.