1. How do earth systems affect each other?

The water cycle. Rainwaters the plants so it can grow. Plants also use photosynthesis that takes light energy an turn it into chemical energy.

  1. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters?

Understanding the cause of a natural disaster, can us help know how to stop or slow the process of it happening.

  1. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future?

We can fix the problems by recycling and stop using toxic chemicals that can hurt the atmosphere.

Droughts can occur due to either natural or human-induced factors. Droughts aren’t a type of natural disaster that is physically destructive. This kind of disaster does more economical damage than anything. Droughts are the type of disaster that involved below-average precipitation and water supply shortage over long periods of time. Droughts often lead to the extreme scarcity of food and have led to the death of millions of people. The reason why lower levels of precipitation aid the occurrence of drought is because little to no rain means that the soil will dry out and that will eventually lead to crop failure.