Jasmine Bailey's Earthquake Infographic

1. How do the earth systems affect each other? The earth's system is like a cycle and every system helps the other in some way. The atmosphere provides not only heat, energy, carbon dioxide, etc to the biosphere which is where many living things reside. The hydrosphere helps the geosphere and biosphere by providing water which is essential. The geosphere also benefits from the atmosphere because energy is needed to break down rocks and erosion. Using photosynthesis as an example, the soil is apart of the geosphere, oxygen, co2, carbohydrates are apart of the atmosphere and also the energy from the sun, and the rain provides the plant with water which helps it to grow, and the plan itself is apart of the biosphere. There are so many other ways in which these systems coexist and benefit each other. I only explained some. 2. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters? Understanding environmental science can better inform us on the state of our environment and know the impact we have on it and how we can make sure we positively affect the environment rather than negatively. Learning about these things can also help us and our family if we ever are in the middle of a natural disaster of any sort. We can learn how to properly benefit the environment and what to expect. 3. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future? We can make sure we do our best to take small approaches that'll help our environment even if it's in the smallest way. We can find ways to not litter, use less energy, eat less meat, reuse and recycle, grow our own fruits and veggies, etc. There are so many ways we can change our lifestyle to benefit our future and keep the world we live in intact. Reaction: The things I learned about earthquakes are a lot of things I already know about but it was interesting to compare our natural disasters with the four systems. Learning about how to be prepared for an earthquake and the befores and after effects are interesting and just recapping my memory on how they happen and even how long they last. Even though they don’t happen often, it is always important to be aware, prepared, and informed.

Earthquakes Infographic