Egypt Bracey Senior Capstone

As the year comes to an end I have created a project that is a reflection of myself and my passion for beauty, hair, and makeup. I inspire myself each and everyday to do my best. We are planning on making a Beauty Campaign that showcases that origin does not determine your inner beauty. My team member, William and I plan on furthering our education in the beauty industry. This is something I love to do on my spare time and when I’m at work. The only thing that has changed in my vision about my capstone is the time because the end of the school year is approaching and we needed to hurry up. Will does makeup and I do hair so we both decided to split it up and have a mini photoshoot. We also wanted all of our models to be different races so it could stand out. By doing this I hoped to  not only do I plan to advance in my beauty career but also I plan on being more patient with working with clients and making sure I can do this for the rest of my life. I hope to learn a thing about entrepreneurship and how I can eventually make my own business. I also hope to learn how to be more organized and on time with my work. By the end of this I hope I get to show everyone my talent and how this really means so much to me.