Enviromentally care for the air

The contents of my video include a PSA about the condition of the air in our environment, who to blame, and how we can start to battle the beast of air pollution. What I did well was discuss the points and concerns about where and what air pollution was doing to the environment. What I think I could have done differently is probably come up with something better than the generic team up trope, it’s seen time and time again that sometimes humans just see convenience and take it and I've noticed that the same neglect to look for a strong answer is the neglect that happens to the air. The most meaningful part of this PSA was the research because the best part about doing a topic like this is that your making yourself aware witch automatically helps the issue.

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Makell Logan (Student 2021)
Makell Logan

I feel that is was very impactful when you said that "We're all running out of good air, and good experiences." I like the emphasis that you put into your voice to express the importance of certain phrases. Do you think that you could have summarized the information more?