Environmental Science PSA

My PSA talks about Food Injustice. I gave valuable information as far as whose being affected the most, the choices that the unfortunate( black/ low-income families) people are faced with, possible solutions for fighting against food justice, and more. I chose this topic because I have developed an understanding of how people's lives are affected by poverty and their access to food is at corner stores and fast-food restaurants. After all, it's inexpensive and convenient. I summed up my information pretty well and posed pretty well solutions. The most meaningful part of the experience of creating the PSA was putting the pieces together to obtain my final product in a short video format. APA Citation: What Is Food Justice and Why Is It Necessary? (2021, March 11). Retrieved from https://foodprint.org/issues/food-justice/

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Anna Desouza (Student 2021)
Anna Desouza

i like the use of pictures, do you think removing corner stores is the answer or is there a way to keep them in business by bringing in more healthy foods instead of what they currently offer?