Eulogy November 2nd


The  person  that  passed  away  was  my  grandfather.  My  grandfather  meant  alot  to  me and  my  mom.  Whatever  I  wanted  he  got  for  me  and   when  I  was  bad  he  took  up  for  me.  My  grandfather  was  there  for  me  when  I  thought  no  one  else  was. He  is  the  reason  I   have  a  college  fund  and  he  is  also  the  reason  why  when   I  get  to  college  I’m  going  to  study  criminal  justice.  My  grandfather  was  a  hero  and  a  killer, not so proud of that. He  was  beyond  brave  and  I’m  going  to  be like  him  one  day, but I just won’t go to war. When my grandfather passed he made sure  that  his children  and  his  grandchildren  were  taken  care  of.   

I  decided  to  create  a  skull  for  my  Grandfather   because  he  is  the  only  person  that  I  knew  personally  that  died  in  my  family.  I  also  thought  that  if  I  talked  about  him  I  would  feel like  I  knew  him  better,  that  I  might  even  remember  more  than  just  this.  He died when I was young.  So,  I  don’t  really  remember  a  lot  about  him.  I  do  know  that  we  were  really  close.  He  would  stop  by  our  house  almost  every  day. My  grandfather  would  give  us  candy,  take  us to  the  park,  he  would  buy  us  the  world  if  he  could.  Since  he  couldn't  he  gave  us  his  heart and  often  told  us  he  would  give  us  his  life.

My  sugar  skull  reflects  my  grandfather  because  my  grandfather  was  a  decorated officer and he was  in  the army. His  favorite  colors  were  purple  and  orange.  When  my  grandfather  was  living  he  always  wore  a  hat.  That  was  one  of  the  things  he  couldn't  leave  the  house  without. His  hats  were  his  everything. I  think  it  was  because  he  had  a  bald  head. I  mean  it  didn’t  make  him  look bad.  I  put  a  cage  around  the  skull  because  once  when  my  grandfather  was  talking  to  my  mom  I  over heard  and  he  said  that  he  feels  that  his  mind  is  in  a  cage.  Like  he  was  still  at  war  but  with  himself.   My  grandfather  was  a  positive  person. He  believed  that  there  was good  in  everyone.  He  tried  his  best  to  protect  everyone.  That's  the  reason  why  he chose  the  job  he  had. The  people  that  worked  with  and  under  him admired  the  way  he  took  care  of  things  including  his  family.

“Día de los Muertos”  opened  my  mind  up  to  celebrating  the  passing  of  my  grandfather  because  now  I  know  that  his  head  is  clear of  all  the  bad  things  that  he  went  through  when  he  was  living. This  holiday  makes  me  think  my  grandfather  is  in  a  better  place.  It  lets  me  think  he  is  happier.  I  don’t  really  care  much  for  the  holiday  but  doing  it  made  me  remember  just  a little  bit  more  about  my  grandfather.  I  didn't  think  that  this  holiday  would  be  a  good  one.

Me nombre es Nigeria Parker.

In  conclusion,  My  grandfather  was  a  great  man.  He  let  it  be  known  when  something wasn’t  right  or  when  he  had  a  funny  feeling  about  something.  He  was  usually  right  about  stuff like  that.  Any one  would  be  lucky  to  have  a  grandfather  like  him.  I  only  know  about  the things  my  mom  tell  me  and  the  little  I  remember  from  when  I  was  younger  but  my  grandfather  seems  like  he  was  a  good  person  inside  and  out.


Mi  nombre  es  Nigeria.  Mi  abuelo  era  de  Filadelfia.  Mi  abuelo  era  padre  de  tres  niños. Era  muy  alto  y  audaz.  Mi  abuelo  vivió  en  el  sur  de  Filadelfia.  Mi  abuelo  era  un  hombre valiente  e  inteligente. Adois.