Eva Litke Capstone

For my Senior Capstone Project, I participated in Dejah’s Big Little Program; I mentored a 5th grader twice a week. The program was created so some 5th graders could have someone to look up to and guide them through whatever they needed. My mentee, Sophia, had perfect grades and many interests when I met her. Therefore, rather than focus on her schoolwork and grades, I taught her to use a planner for academic/personal reminders, a crucial skill for when she starts high school. I also gave her advice on managing difficult group projects, staying organized, and keeping her head up! She’s an extremely passionate girl who loves to learn; working with her was a lot of fun, and I learned from her, too. I learned that not every mentee needs “fixing”; they may just need someone to be there for them as a support system. I also learned how to put aside my own struggles to focus on her needs during our meetings. I wanted her to know I was present and there for whatever she needed. Over the course of the few months we worked together, I saw maturity and overall growth in Sophia as she maintained high grades. Now she has decided to mentor another 5th grader next year because she enjoyed working with me. This was rewarding for me to hear. Sophia and I plan to continue checking in via email after I graduate to keep guiding her and stay in touch.