Excessive Heat PSA

Our video was to act out how many minority groups and communities are dealing with excessive heat and we also went into detail about how many people in Philadelphia are impacted by excessive heat and also the effects that it has on people and the actions that can be taken to resolve the issue of excessive heat. We also explained what it was and how it isn’t common in everyone’s life and not everyone is educated and understands what it is.

We did well will scripting out something that was realistic and making it easy for people to envision how it would be with people from different places in reacting while living with different issues. We also did a good job with being creative but also informative. We could’ve explained more about what excessive heat actually was rather than just acting it out.

The most meaningful part was coming together as classmates and creating the video, it was fun to act it out and edit the tiktok with my group. Also, creating the script and combining ideas was important and meaningful to me.