Final Portrait Alex Bonner

Alex Bonner


Nov 2

Artist statement

My work is more something that is over exaggerating a characteristic of myself.  If you look at it, you will see some kind of animal. That animal is a sloth. We know that sloths are lazy, and a huge slacker and doesn't, really move that much unless they have to. They will still get their work done but with the less amount of effort than anything.

The thing that I want to communicate to is really easy. Just by looking at the picture you can see that it’s a sloth and we know that they are lazy. The other thing that might confuse others is the hoodie he is wearing. It says the word royalty, it doesn’t have any words behind it besides being my favorite hoodie that I myself wear.

Well for the work I used regular sheet of paper and used my pencil, color pencils, and a micron pen. However at, first I had to print my sketch into my final copy, I don’t know what it is called but it is a type of sheet of paper that will transfer your sketch into your final if you trace over it. So really after I made my outlines I just draw in my details with my pencil and then color the things that was inside my paper. When I did finish that, I use a micron pen to outline so that the lines and details will be more apparent.

This work is similar to what I did back in 6th grade. In 6th grade I made a self-portrait which is me. And this right here that I am doing now is what is me on the inside. However in 6th grade is me physically. I still used the same exact materials back in 6th grade and now.  

In more detail what I did, is first I print out my sketch into my final copy. After than I made some fixes which the print out didn’t really cover. I added some new things that can help see what the figure looks like. After that I used colors to color my figure into what a sloth will look at that. Then my hoodie and last the background. Soon I realised that my figure was blending into the background a little too much. So then I had gotten a micron pen to trace over my lines to make more define.

Nobody really inspired me. If anything it would be real life pictures and videos of them.

Well the technique I was trying to do would help people where my character chin is located and where is his neck was too. If I didn’t do that people wouldn’t have seen my neck and my chin.

Well I tried to make two different colors blend with each other so that I can make a good contrast with each other, so that people can differentiate what is what.  

It wasn’t that big but putting a hoodie on my sloth was the thing that I was most proud of. Mainly because Clothes don’t look right on animals generally.

If I could of blend my colors with each other better I would it love that. Since it was hard for me to try make a contrast in colors but the colors didn’t flow right with each other.

In conclusion, I learn that describing yourself can be represented as an animal and also that I need to improve my shading and blending skills which can make my art stand out more and have greater detail than not doing so.