Heart Disease & Stroke

​    With doing this project my partner and I chose to do heart disease and strokes because we felt that it was in the top 5 of the leading causes of death which is terrible. With this project, I have learned a lot and we were able to network with people from organizations and receive even more information. In this group, I contributed lots if information and I also contributed both of the interviews. Lastly, I contributed by editing the video. I felt like I had a huge part in the project.The most meaningful part of the experience of creating this PSA was putting together all of the bits and pieces of information together into one video.
Public health is a big issue pertaining to heart disease and strokes. Heart disease is a high rating of the cause of death in African Americans. It is almost number one in being the highest cause of death in the United States.
The economy, politics, and society also plays a big role in the healthcare system such as networking and raising money to find different research programs and free clinics for communities. Money wise the process of research id being affected because they can't get what they need if there is no money and they can't do tests or research if they don't have candidates so I say people also affect the process of research.