Imani Horne - Capstone

About My Capstone

Leaving Science Leadership Academy(SLA) to start a new beginning, I felt like it was only right to give the students and teachers of SLA something different to think and learn about. I chose to raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder. I chose to do this project because multiple people in my family suffer from a mental illness and the most common one is bipolar disorder. I would like for people to know that this is a real problem in the world that is not talked about. So, I put together a presentation to educate my fellow peers and teachers about bipolar disorder that reflects on the school's five core values. Bipolar Disorder is when a person's chemicals in the brain are not regulated and can result in a depressed or manic state. The process of making my final product which is a video and power point which was a good experience. With the final video to my project my partner and I were able to interview two people who have bipolar disorder and get to know what they go through and some things that they deal with. The interview was quite easy, the making and editing was challenging but in the end, it worked out. In this project, I was able to learn more about bipolar disorder and learn how it affects people. This project was extremely helpful to me and I am hoping that it will be useful to someone else in need of information.

Link to PowerPoint:

Link to PowerPoint:
Link to PowerPoint:

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