Internet Survival Guide

  1. An explanation of how the Internet has changed communication. Make sure to use at least one specific example.

  2. Define Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control as they pertain to the Internet and explain how Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control affect both our offline and our online identities and lives. Include at least one example for each.

  3. What are two ways that you can actively manage and protect your identity and your reputation online? (one of each)

  4. Answer the question: “Does the Internet have rules?” Use at least one specific example.

  5. Define cyberbullying in your own words.

  6. Describe at least 2 kinds of cyberbullying and why they are considered cyberbullying

  7. Provide advice for: victims, bullies and bystanders of cyberbullying

  8. Your Top 5 tips for using the Internet

  1. The internet has changed communication because people talk over the internet instead of Communicating in person. It is easier to communicate and to get in touch with people when you need to. EX. When you are doing a project and you have to work outside of school you can text that person or email them.

  2. -Immediacy- the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement. EX.

          -Permanence- When you post something it is up there forever. EX. Posting a picture and deleting it but someone screenshots it

         -Lack of Control-  Not being able to control yourself on the internet. EX. Being in class and posting on snapchat when you know that you should not be

3. 1. Dont give out your private information.

2. Make your page private.

4. Yes the internet does have rules because certain things you say on the internet can get you in a lot of trouble legally.  EX. Sending threats to someone or posting false information

5. Cyberbullying