Ivana Gutierrez's Capstone

As the year ends we are close to presenting our final project for the year! For my senior capstone I decided to be a bit more creative with myself. I chose to do special effects makeup (sfx), because of my capstone I believe it allowed me to demonstrate of what I am capable of doing and also I believe it’s a fun way of being creative. What I did for project was make two videos, one of the process and the other of all the final looks. Each look took me about an hour and half to create. In the video everything is sped up so it wouldn’t be a long video when someone is watching it. I created three different looks but similar at the same time, they were all horror and gore. The first one I created was a scary clown and I used my brother as the model for it. The second look I created was a torn off face and the last look I created was monster with scary teeth. Both those I created on myself. From creating this project I learned that there is another side of just using regular makeup, there is also other ways to be creative and that hopefully this can inspire others to try something different.