Jack Kleiner Capstone Project

It took me a very long time to decide on a Capstone idea and actually stick with it. I realized I had been reading a lot in 2018 and finally stuck with reviewing some of the books I’ve read. Out of the 15 I read, I decided to review 10 of them as I thought that these were sufficient to review. Each book took me anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to complete.

To meet the presentation requirement of the project I decided to post all of the reviews on a blog linked in this post. Each post includes the book read, the author(s), the number of pages, time spent reading it, a rating out of five stars, and a couple paragraphs with my thoughts on the book (the review). Each book review is generally written using the following outline:
  • Who is the author? What is the book about?
  • What was it like reading the book?
  • What are your overall thoughts about the book?
  • Would you recommend this? To whom?

The part of this capstone that I am proudest of is having read so much in general. Reading is one of my favorite few hobbies and I’m so glad I could read so much and put a dent in my incredibly long reading list.