Jasmine's Global Water Crisis (Mexico)

Before researching more about the water crisis in Mexico, I didn’t even know the government took action in doing things such as creating “artificial rain” I did’t know that was possible and I found that interesting. I also found it interesting that there are so many different water crisis around the world that aren’t being addressed and are worsening. With water being such an essential, I think these water crisis’ needs to be taken more seriously. I do believe the global water crisis is an environmental justice issue because the definition of environmental justice is the fair treatment of all people despite race, income, origin and the enforcement of environmental laws. I think These water crisis’ are being overlooked in certain minority groups and there needs to be actions taken that’ll prevent these countries from having to deal with such a problem such as not having clean or even enough water. There need to be laws put in place to protect and support those that have been dealing with water crisis for more than a certain amount of time, if any time at all.

Global Water Crisis by Kaylani M.